Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice from Xinguang Hardware.
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Chinese Dragon Boat Festival falls on June 7 this year--The fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese Lunar calendar.We will take holidays from 7th to 9th and back to work on June 10th. Here I would like to share you some stories of this festival:

It's a 2,000-year-old tradition celebrated nationwide in various forms to remember the ancient poet Qu Yuan,Who committed suicide out of love for his country during the warring States period (475-221BC).

During the Dragon Boat Festival,Every family enjoy the Zongzi( Rice dumpling),The classic triangle of rice and stuffing wrapped in leaves,isn't so much popular in China as a food,It represents culture more than food.

Also,Many cities will hold the Dragon Boat Race to celebrate the festival.

Wish you also have a nice Dragon Boat Festival !